Still improving (I hope!)

It’s been a while! Lots of updates.

I met my goals! I currently have a mini on CMON with a score of 7.1. It’s my Cygnar Thunderhead. He turned out nice!

I’ve also been working my way through the Cygnar Battlebox. I’ve completed the Lancer and Coleman Stryker. I am, for the most part, pretty happy with how they turned out, though they’re kind of average on CMON (6.4 and 6.0, respectively). I’m learning, though. Hopefully, I’ll be motivated enough to finish the Ironclad and Charger soon. They’re both about 80% complete. Here are the two I’ve finished:

The reason I haven’t finished my last two ‘jacks is because I’ve been very distracted by a new obsession: Hordes! I am really liking the Trollbloods, and I’m even considering building a large army (well past a battlebox level) with Trollbloods. Here is my first Trollblood model, the Winter Troll:

He, too, is kind of weak on CMON (6.4 at the moment), though I consider him to be one of my better models. I really like how he turned out, so that’s what’s important, I suppose.

I’ve even started playing the game at my LGS. I’ve played 5 games with Cygnar (3-2, so far), and I’m finding the game is a lot of fun. Not nearly as fun as painting … but still pretty fun.

Hopefully I’ll be busy painting this weekend and I can post a picture of the full Cygnar family (including Charger and Ironclad), as well as a Swamp Troll, which is shaping up to be my best paint job by far! I should also be back soon with a new list of goals to help myself stay accountable to … myself.


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