More Trolls

I finished my Swamp Troll yesterday! I think his paintjob turned out quite nice. His basing didn’t turn out 100% like I’d planned, but it actually looks a little better in person (the angles I have here aren’t so flattering).

I’ve got a few things I’m considering starting right now. One is the Dire Troll Mauler, but that will require a lot of Green Stuff, and I’m still intimidated by that. Also, I may work on either of my Troll Impalers or my Axer. Or maybe something from a different faction entirely — who knows?

I also have found myself with a spare Cryx Slayer. I am thinking about painting him up as best I can with the purpose of putting him on eBay. I wouldn’t expect to make much — hopefully at least recoup what I paid for him — but it would be neat to think someone liked him enough to pay for him. But I’m not so sure I’m anywhere near that level yet, so I’ll probably wait another couple months before setting my ego up for failure like that.


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