Finally finished my Troll Runebearer. I’m not terribly thrilled with him. He’s sucking bigtime on CMON, and I can see why. His tartan is terrible, his skin isn’t blended well, I was too scared to try OSL on the tablets, the leather is sloppy, and I think his nails would look much better dark blue. Also, I slopped blue paint all over the tablet on the back near the top of his left arm.

I think my progress has started to stagnate. I’m not really seeing the improvement that I’d like to see with each successive model.

I decided to take a little break from Hordes for a few models. Maybe I need to try something different for a while. Last night, I started a Khador Juggernaut. I was really happy with the progress I made after a couple hours. I think maybe I just need to get away from Trolls and then approach them with fresh eyes in a week or two.

It’ll be a little overwhelming when I do finally return to my Trollbloods army. I’ve got LOTS of models to clean, assemble and paint. In the future, look for a Dire Troll Blitzer, Dire Troll Bomber, Slag Troll, a unit of Champions, a unit of Scouts, a unit of Long Riders, Jarl Skuld, Gunnbjorn, Janissa Stonetide, a Fell Caller, a Stone Scribe Chronicler, two Impalers, and an Axer. Oh my.


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