A few Khador dudes

Hey everyone,

Taking a very quick break from Trolls. Here are a few recent Khador models. I just put the finishing touches on the Destroyer tonight. The Shocktroopers are works in progress.


I have been trying to improve my pictures as of late. I went to Joann Fabric and got a bunch of fabrics that would look good as backdrops. I got a wide array of colors so I can complement the models without being too distracting. I like the red for trolls and the blue for Khador, but I think I have about 8 or so backdrops in total. I’ll probably be experimenting with those a lot. Also, the models are standing on an old battery that I had to switch out for our house’s alarm system. I hit it with a couple coats of matte varnish to kill the shine, which worked well. Now I’ll need to go and remove those metal bits and spray the whole thing down with black primer. But it looks pretty cool and it cost me $0.


Christmas Troll!

My sister got me the best Christmas present ever — an Earthborn Dire Troll. I think she ¬†knew I needed a high armor, fast-moving melee-oriented beatstick with built-in pathfinder and a situational but still handy defensive animus. Either that, or I sent her a link when she asked what I wanted.

This is probably the most detailed sculpt in the Trollbloods line — even more detailed than Mulg. I spent about 2 hours cleaning, assembling and pinning him, and about another 10 or so hours painting and basing him. I thought he needed more rocks growing out of him, so I sculpted around 20 or so out of Green Stuff.

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got. I’m still, I’m still dire troll from the block.

Earthborn Dire Troll on CMON

You can’t tell from the pictures, but I sank the base and added some water effects. I used a power drill to make the process a little faster. It worked, but I accidentally drilled a ton of holes into the computer desk. Don’t tell my wife or she won’t let me use power tools anymore.

eDoomy, Mulg, and a 15 pt battlegroup

I’ve been hard at work trying to keep up with our new slow-grow league. For the first time last week, I had a fully painted 15 points! eDoomy is my first warlock, and overall I think he turned out OK. I’m still having trouble with the Troll skintones, and the red on the armor didn’t turn out quite like I wanted. But, overall, I think he’ll do for now.


I ended up playing horribly, but who cares? It was fun!

MULG THE ANCIENT! He was a beast just to assemble — soooo many gaps. I tried P3 paints on him for the very first time and I have to say that I get the hype. Those blues (particularly Arcane Blue, which isn’t typically a troll color) just pop like crazy. I really hate the paint pots, though…

Anyway, Mulg went fairly quickly. I’d say 8 hours, or so, which isn’t bad considering I’m the world’s slowest painter. He was crazy heavy, so it made my hand cramp a bit! He was a pain to highlight, but here’s what I’ve got:



And here’s the whole 15 pt family — hopefully it’ll grow weekly!


New goals for the new year

I have a few big goals to improve my painting this year.

1.) MOAR CONTRAST! That seems to be what I hear most when I ask for feedback on the PP forums. I seem to be comfortable taking my highlights all the way up to just a shade under white, but I also need to find a way to incorporate really deep shadows. I think it’s the strong contrast that makes minis really “pop” off the table, and I have been lacking that severely.

2.) BETTER BASES! On the PP forums, I am in awe of Arithon1’s basing techniques. He seems to just throw a ton of random junk into a blob of putty and make it look absolutely incredible. He incorporates colors unlike anything I’ve ever seen on a base. I don’t want to copy his style, but I’m going to keep referring to his models for inspiration.

3.) NMM! I still can’t get my head around this. I think my blending is OK, but I can’t quite visualize exactly WHERE the shadows and highlights need to go. I’ll probably spend some time looking at reference material before I attempt any sort of NMM.

Well, I think I’ve started working toward improving the first two goals. I have recently finished these two dudes:


“Classic” Dire Troll Mauler in Black and White

Dire Troll Mauler on CMON

I worked really hard to incorporate more contrast into these guys. Essentially, I just carefully painted a deep shadow color (Ogryn Flesh on the Slag, Badab Black on the Mauler) in between each successive highlight. So, for the Troll, I basecoated black, then did my first round of highlights with 2:1 Chaos Black:Dead White, then went back and did a controlled wash of black in the recesses. Then I did a highlight of 1:1 Chaos Black: Dead White, followed by a black wash, and so on. This kept the darks dark, and the lights kept getting lighter. Worked out well, I think!

For the bases, I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of tiny, oddly shaped nuts and bolts. I also used bits and pieces from torn up Mini DV tapes and a broken camcorder.

I’m currently working on eDoomshaper, which is my first Hordes warlock. I’m trying to make him look as good as I possibly can. I also spent a lot of time hunting for cool items to put on his base. I’m using a plumber’s epoxy putty (that smells like death, but sets rock hard in 3 minutes) to sculpt the base. I also have him on a twig that looks like a log. I like it.