New goals for the new year

I have a few big goals to improve my painting this year.

1.) MOAR CONTRAST! That seems to be what I hear most when I ask for feedback on the PP forums. I seem to be comfortable taking my highlights all the way up to just a shade under white, but I also need to find a way to incorporate really deep shadows. I think it’s the strong contrast that makes minis really “pop” off the table, and I have been lacking that severely.

2.) BETTER BASES! On the PP forums, I am in awe of Arithon1’s basing techniques. He seems to just throw a ton of random junk into a blob of putty and make it look absolutely incredible. He incorporates colors unlike anything I’ve ever seen on a base. I don’t want to copy his style, but I’m going to keep referring to his models for inspiration.

3.) NMM! I still can’t get my head around this. I think my blending is OK, but I can’t quite visualize exactly WHERE the shadows and highlights need to go. I’ll probably spend some time looking at reference material before I attempt any sort of NMM.

Well, I think I’ve started working toward improving the first two goals. I have recently finished these two dudes:

“Classic” Dire Troll Mauler in Black and White

Dire Troll Mauler on CMON

I worked really hard to incorporate more contrast into these guys. Essentially, I just carefully painted a deep shadow color (Ogryn Flesh on the Slag, Badab Black on the Mauler) in between each successive highlight. So, for the Troll, I basecoated black, then did my first round of highlights with 2:1 Chaos Black:Dead White, then went back and did a controlled wash of black in the recesses. Then I did a highlight of 1:1 Chaos Black: Dead White, followed by a black wash, and so on. This kept the darks dark, and the lights kept getting lighter. Worked out well, I think!

For the bases, I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of tiny, oddly shaped nuts and bolts. I also used bits and pieces from torn up Mini DV tapes and a broken camcorder.

I’m currently working on eDoomshaper, which is my first Hordes warlock. I’m trying to make him look as good as I possibly can. I also spent a lot of time hunting for cool items to put on his base. I’m using a plumber’s epoxy putty (that smells like death, but sets rock hard in 3 minutes) to sculpt the base. I also have him on a twig that looks like a log. I like it.



2 responses to “New goals for the new year

    • Thanks, man! The airbrush is a fantastic tool. I always tell everyone who is even the least bit interested to take the plunge. You won’t regret it — guaranteed!

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