Christmas Troll!

My sister got me the best Christmas present ever — an Earthborn Dire Troll. I think she  knew I needed a high armor, fast-moving melee-oriented beatstick with built-in pathfinder and a situational but still handy defensive animus. Either that, or I sent her a link when she asked what I wanted.

This is probably the most detailed sculpt in the Trollbloods line — even more detailed than Mulg. I spent about 2 hours cleaning, assembling and pinning him, and about another 10 or so hours painting and basing him. I thought he needed more rocks growing out of him, so I sculpted around 20 or so out of Green Stuff.

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got. I’m still, I’m still dire troll from the block.

Earthborn Dire Troll on CMON

You can’t tell from the pictures, but I sank the base and added some water effects. I used a power drill to make the process a little faster. It worked, but I accidentally drilled a ton of holes into the computer desk. Don’t tell my wife or she won’t let me use power tools anymore.


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