A few Khador dudes

Hey everyone,

Taking a very quick break from Trolls. Here are a few recent Khador models. I just put the finishing touches on the Destroyer tonight. The Shocktroopers are works in progress.


I have been trying to improve my pictures as of late. I went to Joann Fabric and got a bunch of fabrics that would look good as backdrops. I got a wide array of colors so I can complement the models without being too distracting. I like the red for trolls and the blue for Khador, but I think I have about 8 or so backdrops in total. I’ll probably be experimenting with those a lot. Also, the models are standing on an old battery that I had to switch out for our house’s alarm system. I hit it with a couple coats of matte varnish to kill the shine, which worked well. Now I’ll need to go and remove those metal bits and spray the whole thing down with black primer. But it looks pretty cool and it cost me $0.


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