Legion of Everblight

My break from Trolls continues. I’ve been working on a few of my first commissions, and I’m really enjoying painting these Legion beasts. The first one I finished is the Typhon. He was a fun model to paint, but the smooth texture was difficult to shade and highlight. I abandoned my usual process and just painted what I thought would look interesting. I highlighted and shaded with kind of unusual colors, and I think it turned out OK. Here he is.



I also finished a Ravagore, but I brought him back to his owner before getting a finished picture. The best I’ve got is a WIP shot:

He obviously had a long way to go, but he looked alright in the end.

Right now, I’m working on epic Thagrosh, an Angelius, and an EBDT. Lots of fun models ahead of me! But I’ve also got another fun project coming along soon. It seems my last post about my Khador models caught a little interest, and I’ve been commissioned to paint a boatload of Khador models. I am really, really excited about all the opportunities and challenges that will bring! I believe I’m supposed to start with a Gun Carriage, Behemoth, War Dog, Mortar Crew, and Karchev. That’s going to be a fun couple of weeks for sure!