Some new stuff

I’ve been working on quite a few things recently, and I’m going to have a ton of updates very soon. At the moment, I’ve got a stack of commission work waiting for me, and I’m extremely exciting about everything. For the local players, I’ve got a Carnivean, Proteus, and War Wagon on the table. Here are some very, very early shots of the War Wagon.

What a fantastic model! It’s got a long, long way to go. But I’m really excited to move forward with it during Spring Break.

I recently finished a couple other commission models. Here is an Earthborn Dire Troll and eThags.

I’m much happier with Thagrosh than I was with the EBDT. But, overall, they both turned out OK.

I’ve also been working on a TON of Khador stuff. I spent most of last week working on Behemoth, and I was really happy with how he was going. But then I tried out a new oil wash technique I learned on Awesome Paint Job. I used the wrong kind of thinner for the oil paints, and it completely destroyed the paint job. You can see it best in the bottom picture: the paint turned frosty, gooey, and started peeling off. It’s  most visible in his iron shoulders and around his boiler. Unfortunately, he’ll need an acetone bath. Oh well.

I’m also working on a full unit of Iron Fang Pikemen, a Khador BE, Kodiak, Berserker, all sorts of MOWs and I’d say about half the Khador warcasters. That’s just scratching the surface, too! Like I said, I’ve got a TON of painting to do and I should have lots of updates soon.


2 responses to “Some new stuff

  1. Thanks! Khador stuff is all for a large commission. If all goes well, I’ll be painting the entire line of Khador models. Better stock up on red paint!

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