eDoomy, Mulg, and a 15 pt battlegroup

I’ve been hard at work trying to keep up with our new slow-grow league. For the first time last week, I had a fully painted 15 points! eDoomy is my first warlock, and overall I think he turned out OK. I’m still having trouble with the Troll skintones, and the red on the armor didn’t turn out quite like I wanted. But, overall, I think he’ll do for now.


I ended up playing horribly, but who cares? It was fun!

MULG THE ANCIENT! He was a beast just to assemble — soooo many gaps. I tried P3 paints on him for the very first time and I have to say that I get the hype. Those blues (particularly Arcane Blue, which isn’t typically a troll color) just pop like crazy. I really hate the paint pots, though…

Anyway, Mulg went fairly quickly. I’d say 8 hours, or so, which isn’t bad considering I’m the world’s slowest painter. He was crazy heavy, so it made my hand cramp a bit! He was a pain to highlight, but here’s what I’ve got:



And here’s the whole 15 pt family — hopefully it’ll grow weekly!




Hello everyone,

This blog will primarily serve as a way for me to chart my progress as  I learn to paint miniatures. I’m finding this to be a pretty fun new hobby, and I think I’m doing OK for a beginner.

So far I have two minis on CMON:


My initial goal was to paint a mini to tabletop standard and get a rating of 5 or better by the end of the summer. My first entry, the Genestealer, is currently at a 4.7 but the Ghordson Driller is at a 6.1. Success!

At this point I’ve been painting for around a month and have completed 8 Genestealers, 1 Termagant, 4 Space Marines, 1 Warjack, and 3 zombies. I also painted a giant insect.

Seeing as how this blog is open to the public, I feel slightly more accountable with my progress, so I would like to set a few goals for myself:

1.) Add at least one new mini to CMON every two weeks (and at least one a week during the summer)

2.) Earn a 6.5 or better after 40 ratings by the September 1.

3.) Earn a 7.0 or better after 40 ratings by December 1.

4.) Continue to have fun painting minis.

As for tools, I love the VGC line, and I’m hoping to add a couple nice brushes to my toolbox soon. I’m also strongly considering an airbrush, though I’m not 100% convinced I need one. We will see.

Anyway. Peace and soul.